Sunday July 25, 2021

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‘Food Time Rhymes’


Sure Irish eyes are smilin'
As winter goes away,
And the gusty winds of March blow in
A grand St. Patty's Day.

So put on the corned beef and cabbage,
With potatoes and soda bread too.
And let's not foget the pleasures
Of a hearty Irish stew (and brew).

S. Baron


Twenty-eight days may seem like too few,
Especially when there's so much to-do.

With Valentine's Day in the very middle,
Love is the hottest thing on the griddle.
Flowers and bon-bons and raspberry tarts,
A great sweet feast from hearts to hearts.

But there's more to February's celebration,
The birthdays of Presidents of our nation.
Abraham Lincoln, Gerge Washington, too.
(Do bake him a cherry pie or two).

And above all, remember to look East,
For a sumptuous Chinese New Year feast.
It's the Year of the Tiger 4708,
Enjoy a taste of good luck on your plate.

S. Baron



The decade is off to a chilly start
Setting new stats on the record chart.
So savor the dishes that you can find
To bring warm comfort to body and mind.
Soups and stews and cassoulet
Banish your blues on the coldest day.
Slow-roasted beef and spicy red chili
Can change your mood from glum to silly.

The snow may be deep,
The winds may be vicious.
But woo gives a hoot
When the food's so delicious.

Sweet December, Fa-la-la
(with apologies to Messrs. Rogers and Hammerstein)

Gingerbread houses and cookies for Santa,
Sweet treats that please from L.A. to Atlanta,
Candy canes hanging, popcorn on strings,
These are a few of our favorite thngs.

Buche de Noel and hot holiday punches,
Sugar plum goodies and nut-covered crunches,
Chocolate angels with white frosted wings,
These are a few of our favorite things.

Let the wind roar at the front door,
Let it snow like mad,
Just dream to eat all your favorite treats,
And your holidays will be so glad.

S. Baron

Notes on November

Breeezes are brisk, feel the chill in the air.
There's a change of seasons, a change of fare.
Cranberries, chestnuts, persimmons abound,
The fruits of the harvest are all around.

The enticing aroma of turkey roasting,
Potatoes cooking, chestnuts roasting,
Cranberries bubbling and pies a-baking,
A Thanksgiving feast is in the making.

So eat up, enjoy, but remember there's more
We have a lot to be thankful for.

S. Baron

Food Time Rhymes

Odes To October

Oktoberfest and all the rest,
Right up through Halloween,
Now it’s Fall and time for all
To focus on cuisine.

In the words of a native New York bumpkin,
Now’s the time to praise the pumpkin,
For soup to pie to spicy seeds,
Or carved up for your Halloween needs.

Summer’s gone Fall has come.
It’s harvest time, hooray!
With pumpkins and apples and peppers (yum yum),
Cook ‘em up every which way.

S. Baron