Sunday July 25, 2021

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Custom Cooking Classes in Your Kitchen

Now you and your family and friends can learn to cook in the comfort of your own kitchen, using your cooking equipment in a familiar environment. Experienced, fun-to-be-with culinary instructors @home cooking NYC will conduct hands-on classes for kids and adults. All you need is enthusiasm, kitchen space and a good appetite.

We will work with you to create lesson plans and menus — for a single session or a series of classes. Learn about:

  • Basic techniques
  • Tricks to make preparation and cooking faster and easier
  • Shopping hints
  • General culinary facts
  • Information to help you make more healthy, economical choices when selecting recipes and ingredients

You can choose individual classes for one to four participants. Or, you can opt to have a cooking party for up to eight participants (kids or adults). We also conduct larger classes and team-building programs for as many as 12 participants at a private kitchen just a ferry ride away in Hoboken, NJ or at your place of business or choice of location.

Each @home cooking NYC session is custom-designed to match particular goals, tastes and skill levels.

Call or email today to discuss your next cooking event.

@home cooking NYC
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New York, NY 10024